Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Last night I went to see the Oscar-worthy film that is Magic Mike. If you've seen it you will know what I'm on about, if you haven't, watch the trailer here - it's fairly self explanatory. It's a shameless perve-fest with no storyline that doesn't pretend to be anything else. All that matters though is that I have discovered my new crush - hello Mr Alex Pettyfer. 

I suddenly thought, wouldn't he be the perfect home accessory? Imagine sitting him in the corner of the room, he would be way prettier than any cushion or a piece of art on the wall. I bet if I had him in  my flat he would get a lot more comments than, say, my  planter chair or my coffee table (and my coffee is table is really cool). He doesn't need to say anything he can just sit.

Now I know it's wrong to objectify so I'm not going to degrade the guy buy just showing pictures like this...

or this...

or even this...

I wouldn't do that. I'm above it. It's all about his acting skills. 

oh wait, or THIS

I'm just saying I think there is something in this idea. Also, his mum is an interior designer (I may have stalked him a little on IMDB) so there is an even more tenuous link to interiors for you and it also makes me think he'd be more willing to give it a go as he understands the business.

If anyone knows how to get hold of him so I can ask him personally to come and have a seat on my sofa that would be grand.


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