Saturday, 1 December 2012


I figured we'd have a facial hair inspired post this week as its now the end of November which of course means "Movember" to a lot. It's already the end of the month which means there are some pretty nifty tache's out there now (hopefully) about to be cleanly shaven.

Movember is an inspiring idea and simple enough so anyone can do it (ok, men mostly but we all know some girls who could put up a pretty impressive show). 

 This guy is a regular in the National Beard and Moustache Championships.

Incase you don't know the story here's a Ted Talk from Adam Garone who is the founder. Quite interesting how Prostate Cancer Foundation initially batted away the idea then came round to it once the money started piling in...(77 million dollars last year)!

There are some very cool Moustache- themed and inspired products around at the moment so I've picked a few faves

1 - sunstashe -
2 - must dash print - Bodie and Fou
3 - vinyl wall deco - InitialYou Etsy
4 - jumper 
5 - moustache dummy - The Discovery Store
6 - mug - Urban Outfitters
7 - Moustache light - Katrin Greiling
8 - Scarf - New Look
9 - necklace - Lime Drop
10 - mobile - Shak Shuka
...and the cushion which I forgot to number...Sass and Belle

Love that mobile, here it is in situ in a sweet baby's room from LoveThomas.

Moustache Pillow set from Urban Outfitters - very cutsey.

Love the complete randomness of this one above. Wall deco of a moustache on the ceiling from Pixers.


(Another wall deco which now I've looked at it too long looks like a croissant with a bite taken out).

Habitually Chic did a great post with some dashing pics of men in moustache's so go over and check it out. In the mean time I'll just highlight some of the best facial hair wearers as this is what it's all about, the humble moustache:

Make a donation to Movember here.


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