Friday, 31 August 2012


Well Bob and Marjan do clearly. 

Another thing I’ve become slightly obsessed with over here is that people seem to paint their names on their front doors. In the same way that I did with the Black Houses post, if I don’t put this up now I will go on continually taking photos of people’s doors while trying not to get caught so it must stop. Now. 

Is this something that’s done everywhere? I honestly can’t think. I know that I’ve never put my name on my front door. Is it for the postman? Is it just so that people can be super friendly when they knock and immediately know your name? I wonder. 

Yeah ok this one is for the postman but still, it could just have the apartment number right?

The cynic in me immediately thought “well, with google maps now surely someone can just steal your identity if they know your name and full address” - but actually (despite the identity theft) I think it’s quite lovely. 

These photos were taken all around Amsterdam but they all have the same font - do you think there is some stealth Banksy-esque name stenciller who goes around town in the dead of night painstakingly writing names on doors? Or maybe that font is just the done thing, no one would DREAM of using Helvetica, no sirreee. 

Ok, that’s it. Just pondering while pottering. 
If anyone knows about this name on doors thingy drop me a line. 

p.s apologies for the crap photography, all with iphone while trying not to be seen



  1. I've never seen this before! But I quite like it ... great post x

  2. Maybe they're the dutch version of pampass grass...kinky.