Monday, 6 February 2012


Wowsers it's hard to get stuff done when you have a new baby, case in point, not posting anything since November...sheesh.

Anyhoo onto some of my favourite things in my house...some re-upholstered chairs. All done by my friend Nick the Chair (not his real name but what he is saved as in my iphone) up in an industrial park near my house. 

Starting with my favourite which now lives in the baby's room and was bought for a measly sum off craigslist. It pains me that I use it as a chair to feed the bub as it's way too pretty to be there in the line of fire of all the throwing up that goes on but I just haven't found an alternative. Plus the stool is great for weary feet at 3am.

...and moving on to chair number two... An ugly little fella pre makeover, bought from a second hand shop (in fact I bought two and my friend has the other matching one) but with a spray paint, some awesome fabric and lime piping - BOOM.

They just needed a little TLC.

ps. Fabrics from my friend Jane's company Korlahome