Saturday, 11 August 2012


I once sent my husband an email, I can’t remember exactly what it was but the subject was along the lines of “cute puppies / babies / fluffy things” etc. He immediately sent me an email saying “DO NOT send me emails like that at work, what if someone sees?” so I re-sent the same email and changed the title to “Monster Trucks” which, of course, he opened.

The point is, this post is actually about architectural mouldings. You see? If you’d seen that immediately you would have (rightly) thought giveashit and moved on, but hold your horses for just one minute...

I'm talking about these things...

(architrave, cornice, ceiling rose, skirting)

"ahh" I hear you say. Ok let's carry on.

How many times have you been into houses/rooms/public buildings and seen the same classic style of mouldings? (It’s never even entered your mind? I know, again, stick with me I'll keep it brief). Anyway, they are usually very decorative but I recently saw this company  Solomon and Wu in a magazine and think it’s genius. They do modern mouldings and their designs won Most Innovative Product at Decorex in 2011. Why hasn’t anyone thought of it before? If you’re building a modern house, already live in one,  or just fancy sprucing up your old one then you can have modern mouldings to match (try saying that fast). I don’t love all of them, (those pebble like things in the ceiling are horrid, they look like the Flintstones house - see pic at the bottom) but I love the Linear Structure Series, you’d barely need anything else in the room. 
Pics below (all from Solomon and Wu).

Caumont series cornice

Linear Series 1

Linear Series 2

Cubist rose

Caumont architrave

Cubist skirting

Organic structure cornice

Ok that’s it. I’m done. Still bored? Oh fine. Here.


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