Friday, 8 March 2013


The first time I came across an American Tin ceiling was when I was having a wax in Singapore. Believe me for those that don't know, when you have a wax you tend to focus heavily on what's above your head (unless of course you're having your arse/back waxed) - in this case it was my first view of (faux) American Tin. Suffice to say it interested me enough for me to momentarily forget why I was there and think "oooooh" before the "ARRRRRRGH". (Incidently, I have no idea why waxing places don't put more entertaining things on their ceilings, it could help quite severely with the pain and distraction). 

As with all these things, because tin ceilings came back in fashion I suddenly started noticing them everywhere - houses, restaurants, bars, shops etc. This has been over the last few years so now I think it's probably safe to say that American Tin has had its resurgence, and is now probably on the verge of being passé once again. AA Gill included tin ceilings in restaurants in a list of "trends that do seem to be past their sell-by date" for 2012 in the Sunday Times Style magazine. Say no more. 

This is a very cool restaurant (not according to AA Gill of course) in Amsterdam called De Ysbreeker.

They became popular in North America in the 1800s as they were a cheap and durable way to emulate the beautiful plasterwork that was then rife in Europe (the tin was originally painted white to look even more like plaster). Now that the tin tile is around again there is a trend to use them as backsplashes, planters, wall art, headboards, you name it, it's been done with a tin tile. I bet someone on Pinterest has found a way to make them solve poverty. 


(Surely not very comfortable?)

So what do you think? If I was going to have any I'd want them white and on the ceiling just where they are supposed to be.

If you don't want to bother with the real thing then Rocket St George has no less than 7 versions of it's Brooklyn Tin wallpaper to choose from. Or have a look at these by Merci. You can find tin tiles in the UK from here.

(What is going on with this room? Chevron tiled floor, mirrored cube, gold and silver furniture, chandelier, gothic cut-throughs and the world's least comfortable looking sofa. This room needs to just have a cup of tea and calm down).

Anyway, the sun is out and spring is on it's way = good times.