Tuesday, 24 April 2012


The ever present IKEA visited our new apartment in Amsterdam recently as we had no storage. After the obligatory two visits to the shop and one breakdown we now have some Pax wardrobes and a Hemnes chest of drawers. One thing we have now learnt that takes some of the stress out of IKEA, is to get the dudes to come and build it all for you. Yes, you pay more, but what they did in less than two hours would have taken us probably a week and put a strain on our marriage. (We actually know someone who spent 3 whole days putting up their Pax wardrobe, point proven). 

So in a tiny bit of IKEA renovation I added some door knobs to the Hemnes instead of it’s original black ones. I started with these Rushville knobs from Zara Home but had to take them back as although I thought they were blue, and they say they are blue, they are actually liars as they are purple so got vetoed by the husband. They looked like this...

So instead of the above, we ended up with these babies, the Winchester Knob (snigger) which are obviously a lot more manly and less purple and actually half the cost so win win. Our Hemnes now looks a little less IKEA and a little more original, like ... this... 

Im also tempted to put glass on top too...hmmm...anyway, I digress.

The above is IKEA amendment for dummies - but the reason I wanted to add this post is because I had totally forgotten about this awesome site IKEA HACKERS (which I recently revisted after reading this post on Laura’s lovely littlemisshomes blog). The site has some very cool stuff and some examples of really creative people who see past the showroom appeal of the IKEA products and can turn even the most boring thing into something that, well, basically looks like it doesn't come from IKEA.

That's all for now folks.