Thursday, 20 June 2013


This post is going to be a little different. It's a plea for help. 

I recently entered a competition to design a headboard through a company called Savoir Beds. So important is this competition that it's called the "Savoir Grand Prix" dontcha know. Anyway I have never done anything like this before and frankly had no clue what I was doing but I'm happy with what I ended up with and having looked at some of the other entries to be honest, mine doesn't look half bad. 

Anyway, the entries are now up for the public vote so here is me asking you to go over to the website and vote for my design - just click here and vote for DOUBLE CROWN - you can vote 3 times from your computer/phone/ipad - whatever. The theme was "Royal" and although I know going for a crown is a little obvious the idea is that mine is based on a crown and a tiara, "Double Crown" - get it? Two crowns? Like your hair on your head? Oh forget it. It's funny, and clever I promise.

Here is the final design...

Take a look at this socking tiara that inspired it. I might ask the husband for one of these as a present for pushing out the second baby. (You never know if you don't ask).

While we're on the subject I'll just throw in a couple of my own personal favourite upholstered headboards. 

I'm still totally in love with the Otomi headboard above. In fact I'm just in love with Otomi fabrics anyway, I Want a bedspread with a capital W.

I love all the pink cutesy, quiltiness of this but wouldn't those holes piss you off? Your head would keep falling through wouldn't it? It would be a very stressful headboard to lean on as you'd have to be bolt upright in the middle.

One day I'll have a house with a guest room with matching twin beds. 

Loving the simplicity of this.

Ok then that's me for now. Don't forget that the main reason you're reading this is to VOTE for my headboard (even if you don't like it, count it as your good deed for the day).



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