Wednesday, 22 August 2012


A few reasons for this BLUE post. 

You probably haven't been asked your favourite colour since you were in the playground (neither have I), but I've just realised that mine is a sort of Inky Blue. Mainly because when I look around the place I have a shitload of stuff in that colour. So here are a few of my favourite things...some of which I have (the glasses, the map and the rug) and some I want (all the other really expensive stuff).

Glitter Christian LaboutinsZara zigghi RugJil Sander Dress, Map Print - Jessica DurrantBlue Juju HatDel Rey Mulberry bag, Ikat ottomanElizabeth Cole Mohawk earringsBlue rimmed tumbler glasses - Paradise Road

URGH those earrings are amazeballs.

Secondly, the baby has the pox (chicken, not small) so we have been feeling a little blue in our household this week. Unfortunately he hasn't been one of the lucky ones who just gets 10 spots, he is covered from head to toe. In fact I've had a vision of him in the future as an angry, acne-ridden teenager and it isn't pretty.

We have spent a lot of time feeling sorry for ourselves in the bedroom which has been lost amidst a sea of toys, cotton wool balls, calpol, tissues, wipes and all other baby/illness paraphernalia. Because of that, I've been looking at Blue rooms on the internet wishing they were mine and not the current hideous spot-ridden one we are currently confined to. Here we go - some pictures of perfectly styled blue rooms which I would much rather be hanging out in.

Jerry Jacobs (HOUZZ)

 Kim Armstrong (HOUZZ)

WOW for this last one. From the LENNOX.



  1. Blue is a feeling. Some like it, like those who SING it, others find it makes them sad (blue).

    Me? For me it is a color.

    I like.

  2. I noticed that all of the photos you posted have blue with white. Did you realize that? Must be what you're drawn to! I've been thinking of painting either my powder room or laundry room a deep blue but I didn't want it to look too nautical with my bright white trim. However, your examples above show that nautical doesn't even have to be a thought when pairing up blue and white. Lovely!

    1. No I hadn't even realised that! You're right it must be subconscious...and no I don't these these are even a hint of nautical so you should go for it! Would love to see the result too!