Thursday, 24 May 2012


Having moved into the new place in the Dam we were faced with an empty expanse of wooden floor (ok it’s plastic) which needed a bit of covering, I know, drama. Luckily for me Zara Home just happens to be at the end of the road - phew. I had seen this rug many times in the shop (its called Zigghi), had shown it to the husband (which got a sort of giveashit reaction), and cooed over it for about a month. 

Finally I decided to part with the 99Euros (basically the same cost as IKEA) and proudly walked in to make my purchase. Unfortunately when I got there it had gone. Da Da DAAAA. 
The woman in the shop told me that the last one was about to go in the window to be the display, “but I’d like to buy it” I said cheerily. Computer says no. No amount of coaxing would make her sell. She looked up stock in other stores, checked on the website and it was sold out everywhere. 

Baby A helpfully demonstrated my disgust by throwing up not once but twice on the counter while I begged embarrassingly for her to part with it. Eventually she said I could put my name down and buy it once it came out of the window display in 3 weeks, so I did. I then pushed my luck asking for a discount but she said she wouldn't sell it to me if it wasn't in good condition, she knew she had me. 

Here is a photo of it laughing at me from the window. Bastards. 

Anyway, happy days I finally got my mitts on it so our upstairs boring wooden (ahem) bit is a little bit fancier. Ta daaaaa.

ps. While I was looking for this rug I found someone else had pinned it which led me to my new fave blog Swoonworthy

pps. While we’re on the subject of rugs, check out my other favourite wants in the graphic rug department. One day these will all be in the Dream House.  

Absolute all time favourite - Madeline Weinrib - I would have anything of hers, not picky.

Parker Blue by Luke Irwin

Surya Fallon - Rugstudio

CUTE, this is actually for a kids room but I'd like it too.
Aqua Magic Carpet - Land of Nod



  1. Gorgeous... Me wants too. Very similar to one in Ikea but it isn't lovely and zigzagged or blue like this one.

  2. I heart this rug as well - it is awesome. I too share a love of all things chevron. Love the blog, love you

  3. Oh you sweet thing you!! Thanks so much for the mention *blush* :-) Pretty much made my day!

    I adore the rug, the geometric pattern brings so much life into that space!! And your other choices are speakin' my language baby! Totally lust after Madeline Weinrib's rugs, its practically disgraceful.

    Gorg. I now intend to get comfortable in a Pottering On shaped hole and check out the rest of your blog :-) xxx

  4. Beautiful, i never seen this kind of rug, love this rug
    design and color.