Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I’m not sure if Amsterdam is as well known as Beijing for it’s bikes but it must be pretty close. You can’t spend a moment in Amsterdam and miss the bikes. I mean that literally, they are lethal. In the hierachy of transport, bikes rule, trams come a close second, followed by cars then pedestrians. You have to have your wits about you constantly or else some speedy local or stoner tourist will take your ass down (mopeds that go under 50kmh can also ride in the bike paths just to add to the fun). 

Everyone rides bikes here and they look damned cool doing it too. It's that sort of laid back Euro way that I haven’t yet mastered. They just pootle around chatting with their mates standing on the back, carrying a bunch of flowers, trailing their dog or ferrying the kids. 

To honour this new appreciation for bikes and the fact that they keep popping up in the style pages of every magazine I seem to flip through at the moment, I thought I would put up a few that I would love to ride around town on. 
(The reality of what I will eventually be riding is at the bottom...)

Here is a PPQ collaboration with Rule bikes that actually debuted on the PPQ catwalk
A snip at around £1500.  

A hot pink folding Brompton - around £800. Cute as a button.

Missoni for Target (which originally sold for US $400 and one then re-sold on ebay for $1200). Nuts. 

This Hollander bike from Made i LOVE (my sister has one, well jell) it's also a steal at £199. 
Also just go to the MADE website anyway because it's awesome.

Old School Califonia Cruiser anyone? (US$199) 
I'm definitely not cool enough to pull this off.

Then, as I said, the sad reality. Sigh.
This is what all the kids get around town in, yes it's a sort of wheel barrow. (Actually they are pretty cool. But maybe not until you have multiple kids)...

SO with just the one kid (and when I stop being such a wuss) the little Wolf and I will be going around with one of these bad boys on the front of an average Joe bike. Pretty neat. His little fat feet will just hang in the front while we ride through the park in the sun amongst the tulips. (Yeah I know that's neeeever gonna happen).


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