Friday, 7 December 2012


I've always had a bit of an obsession with white wooden floors. I think they just look so serene and classic. I mean seriously, what's not to like?  

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The husband and I are currently house-hunting in Amsterdam which is not entirely going to plan. Mainly because I'm looking at things we can't afford then not wanting to make offers on things we can actually afford. I know, It's not rocket science. Whilst looking at houses out of our budget (that's what a day of open houses is for surely?) I found a lovely apartment which would have been perfect (apart from the $$$). An old Dutch house on a canal complete with beautiful old wooden floors. While discussing this 'dream house' and what we would do to it if we won the lottery I casually said: 

''I would definitely paint the wooden floorboards white in the big bedroom" 

Stony silence. 

I felt like I'd just told him a horrible little secret I'd been hiding for our whole relationship. 

Right then I realised that when we buy a place our tastes might not always align. Who will win these battles I wonder? I have a friend who's approach to decorating her house was to ask her husband's opinion and flatly ignore anything he said, knowing that he would never be arsed to actually change anything she did.

When you are in a rented place (which we have always been since we've been together) you rarely have to deal with this as you don't necessarily have the scope to change anything but suddenly the thought of decorating you own home might throw up a few previously un-heard opinions.  

We already have quite a bit of furniture, most of which we have bought together and we definitely agree on things 90% (ok 75%) of the time. A few debatable items, some things I brought to the co-habitation (a few old rugs which, I quote the Husband "look like things refugees kept themselves warm with") and some things he brought (a 70's looking mustard brown corduroy sofa which I cannot for the LIFE of me get rid of). So it seems that generally furniture isn't the problem, when it comes to design decisions though ...well, let's see. 

As well as the white floorboard shocker, when I suggested bold wallpaper in a little loo (see my Pinterest Board here, yes there is an entire board dedicated) again, he was horrified.  

Anyway, it just got me thinking about this next stage. I'll keep you posted on any future scuffles...

Back to some lovely images of white floors, hopefully when he reads this he'll be converted.

Someone please buy me these chairs for Christmas. Pretty please. Please. Seriously please.

source unknown

There's 25 more pics here on my White Floorboards Pinterest Board. Yup, a whole board for these puppies too.


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