Friday, 9 November 2012


"What's your favourite film?" 

There's a question that makes me panic. Although admittedly you're only really asked it if you are at the low ebb of a conversation with someone you don't want to be in a conversation with. The correct answer is something by the Cohen Brothers or maybe Wes Anderson to prove how knowledgeable and arty you are, but without fail the films that spring to my mind are The Devil wears Prada / Four Weddings / Dirty Dancing / Pretty Woman. 
You get the picture.

In 1996 Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet came out and it's still one of my all time favourite films -  a valid contender for the "favourite film" question if only I could block out Patrick Swayze and remember it in time. One of the main things that Baz Lurman nailed was the soundtrack - there are two volumes which are still incredible fifteen years later (and are still perched on the cd shelf with my name written in tipex from school).

Early next year, Baz L's version of the Great Gatsby is released and I'm frothing at the mouth with excitement. Set in the 1920's at the start of the Art Deco era it's got me feeling all Art Deco-y. 

Here's the trailer to get you in the mood.

I already have high hopes for the sound track if the trailer is anything to go by. In the 2 and a bit minutes above we've got Love is Blindness (by U2 covered here by Jack White) and No Church in the Wild by Kanye and Jay-z - in the same vein as R&J he's taken modern songs and shoved them smack bang back in the 1920's.

Gatsby promo poster...

Art deco bronze ornament in the lobby of the Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago. See the similarities huh?

Since first watching the trailer a while ago I've been thinking about and noticing all things Art Deco. It seems Art Deco pieces are popping up all over the place - fashion, furniture, homeware, interiors... So with that in mind I've been scouring some bits and bobs, starting with some things that I would like to own (hey, Christmas is coming you never know who's reading).

Left to right:

Tiffany Art Deco bracelet (that'll set you back over £110k incase you were wondering)
Gold Christian Louboutin Very Galaxy heels - nuff said
Gucci Garcon Evening Case (part of their Spring 2012 Hard Deco collection all Art Deco inspired)
Anton Heunis "Art Deco Renaissance" earrings
Round side table from The Well Appointed House. (What's weird is we have these tables but with a tempered glass top instead of marble but we got them in Singapore. They just popped up in my Art Deco searching. Scary).
Art Deco Clutch - Obaz
Knot Mirror - Horchow (love this, keep seeing it all over the place)
Glamourous Hollywood Mohair Side Chairs - 1st Dibs (love these bad boys but I'd like them in a different colour please)
Blue Glass Decanters - 1st Dibs

And now (never start a sentence with "and"), a few in your face Deco Exterior building shots BOOM.

The Chrysler Building

Niagra Mohawk Building, Syracuse, New York.

via + via

This building holds a special place for me, Parkview Square in Singapore (which we knew as Gotham City). It's totally awesome and I used to drive past this on my way to work every day.

Eastern Building LA.

Moving on to a few interiors and starting with the lobby of the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. Lurve this. (This hotel is the first foray into hotels outside of Asia for Loh Lik Peng)

Lobby in a 20's wedding shoot. 

The same hotel - but the bar with an Art Deco nod..

Finally, the 1396 King & Grove Tides South Beach in Miami.

There we have it. Some Art Deco loving inspired by the release of The Great Gatsby.
Man I hope it's good.


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