Friday, 12 October 2012


I LOVE Ping Pong. Love it. I recently read about two new Ping Pong  bars in London that have picked up on a trend in the US and it's just rekindled a Ping Pong fire in my belly. Now I'm adding PP table to my list of things to go into Dream House (as well as a pool table and a table football table naturally). I don’t want a “games room” though nope, I just want a stylish table so I can challenge unsuspecting visitors from time to time. 
I'm not gonna lie, I think I'm pretty good.

Let's go with some inspiration pics shall we? Ellen DeGeneres has an awesome table in her house which was featured in Architectural Digest above - I’m a huge Ellen fan and even more so now I know she has a Ping pong table smack bang in the middle of her house. 

Then there’s Jonathan Adler’s table in his apartment (pictured below) which is a little bit more in your face but I'm still loving it (check out the legs on that).

Or this cutesy one. In fact a bit too cutesy for me but I’m loving it being painted in stripes.

But...if, let’s just say, you aren’t blessed with a house that’s got a spare room for a Ping Pong table why not go old school and have one in your backyard √† la Chateau Marmont. No messing around with this one, it’s understated cool, it’s not trying too hard it’s just hanging out in the corner with a string of lights. 

Or an attention seeking super shiny sucker? Yes please. 

Ok, for arguements' sake let's just say that you have no room for a table in your apartment or your garden so you need to go elsewhere to meet your ping pong needs. Back to the two I mentioned earlier (both in London I'm afraid for those reading from elsewhere). The first is Bounce co-founded by Adam Breeden who did the super-cool All Star Lanes

This is a whopping 12,500 square foot of space just next to Farringdon tube. The interiors were done by Russell Sage who has done some awesome projects such as the Zetter Townhouse, the Savoy Grill and The Hospital Club.

 Uh huh that above's a real table from the Olympics.

That'll do nicely.

Next up we have Ping in Earls Court from the management team of Bungalow 8At Ping you can have a slice of pizza with a cocktail and compete in the Tournament Tuesdays if you think you're man enough.

Play Interior Design is behind the decor which is "shabby yet chic" (their words not mine) that has a mix of street art, graphic prints and some very comfy looking red leather armchairs. I'm a fan, it looks like a cosy place to quietly get drunk and play some racket sports.

Anyways I think they both look amazing, if I was in either neck of the woods I'd be hustling those tables.

Finally, in the same way that I love Ellen a little bit more after I found the pic at the top, I just found Spin in the US which is part owned by Susan Sarandon so now she too has gone way up in my estimation.

 Again with the shiny..think this is my have

Right, c'est tout.

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  1. love this post, so up for a match, Bootique v's Pottering on!!! x