Friday, 30 March 2012


Since I last wrote we have moved country, from Singapore to The Netherlands, (Amsterdam). 
When you write it down it one sentence it sounds so simple. 

We have gone from this...

...To this...

(not literally, I mean I don't actually live in any of those houses but they're very pretty).

Before we left Singapore amidst working through a ridiculous to-do list I managed to make one final trip to see Nick The Chair. Finally I had chair pads made for my ghost chairs after having had the fabric but not managing to get my arse in gear for about 4 months. So here we go...

One very naked chair...

One very naked chair with fabric (from Grand Bhutan Lattice from Korla Home)...


And the final product...I really love them PHEW.

Although the minute they were finished and on the chairs they were packed up and put into the container to be shipped across the high seas - so they are yet to be sat on. 

So here all of them are at the table in our old place in Singapore...looking forward to unpacking them this end.

In fact I don't really want anyone to sit on them because they're too nice. hmmm

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  1. They look great Gi!
    I totally love the house pictures.