Friday, 16 September 2011

LATEST OBSESSION - Sunburst Mirrors

I keep seeing examples of Sunburst mirrors everywhere, they're calling me (saying "BUY ME"). Hmm. Oh well, I don't have anywhere to put one and the ones I love ain't cheap so in the mean time I'll just look at the pictures and add them to my "NEED ONE" section.

Clockwise from top left 
1. from   ALLBELLE
2. (and I know this one isn't a mirror but I like it anyway) from   RUMMAGE HOME
4. from   WISTERIA

Some in situ pics below, the first Lonny one is perfect - I love the convex mirror.

1. LONNY Sept/Oct

3. no source. Not quite a mirror but pretty nonetheless..

4. LONNY Sept/Oct

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