Thursday, 13 October 2011


A few years ago now I worked in a PR agency in London as a PA. The head honcho had the coolest piece of art given to him as a wedding present by Tracey Emin based on her series of works with Neon lights. It had a heart drawn with his name and her name inside - kinda like this one for George Michael. In fact it's exactly like that.

I've since been mildly obsessed with finding a way of making my own neon sign but with my own handwriting. I mean, if Tracey Emin can do it right?

There are some more examples here from the Frieze Art Fair which just made me want one even more and some pics below (another of Tracey Emin's at the bottom). Where oh where do I find someone who can make me one? 

Ideas on a postcard. Or I could just make friends with Tracey Emin of course, not sure which is more unlikely at the moment...

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